April 09, 2013

Guacamelee is out now!

For the last couple of years we at DrinkBox Studios have been working hard on a new title: Guacamelee!

This was something I pitched to the studio back in late 2010 when we were talking about what to do next. None of the core mechanics were present yet, but the idea to make a game set in a vibrant Mexico with luchadores, Day of the Dead skeletons and Alebrijes excited everyone.

The game is finally done and comes out today for PS3 and PS VITA, and it has been getting tons of love from reviewers and gamers. We couldn't be more excited! The team worked super hard on this and hopefully a lot of people will enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed making it.

Here's the trailer

We've come a long way, this is the target gameplay video we did 2 years ago. Once we started to have a notion of what we wanted the game to feel like we decided to do a small video to see those ideas in motion. I did the animation for it and it's surprising how much of that vibe is in the final product.

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