September 06, 2011


I'm really excited to share this news, my very good friend and artist extraordinaire Miss Nora Sermez and I started this cool project.
We came up with the idea to tell a story through images and images only. A visual conversation.
Each week one of us posts an illustration and so the other one has to come up with the next illustration a week later (and repeat the cycle). The interesting part is that the only information we have about the story is what the illustrations tells us.
Me and Nora don't speak about it, nor have a guideline, nor have discussed any of it, so the story takes shape from the individuals perception.
The idea is that each member of the audience will have their own way to see the story and make it their own.

The project is called D VISION (
You can also follow us on twitter @D__VISION for updates!

Here's a little taste. It's the 3rd installment

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